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Excellence is doing something common in an unusual way

With more than a decade working in the family winery, we decided to create signature wines. Wines that reflect not only ability and knowledge but also our curiosity and search for the best terroirs. Continue reading
Our history

About Us

Reich family started in 2004 their family Project of a winery designed to produce Premium Wines. Led by their father Patricio, Pato and Cristian –second generation in this business- were incorporated from the beginning in different areas.

After a decade working in the winery, Pato and Cristian decided to create a signature wine: a high calibre wine that reflects the knowledge acquired through those ten years dedicated to the wine industry and the great curiosity in the research of new terroirs.


Pato Reich

“I consider wine as a living being that evolutions with time, that changes through its life, that transmits emotions and awakes different senses in people”.
“I have met a lot of people thanks to the wine industry, and they are today very close people, amazing friends. “

Cristian Reich

“I believe that the best conversations in my life have been with a glass of wine in my hand, either with my family or with my friends.”
“Argentinian wines are completely different, mostly because of the climate characteristics. This gets reflects in wines with a characteristic purple colour, a high aroma intensity and a great structure in mouth.”

Our Varietals

Calibre varietal wines are young wines, where the aromas and flavours of fresh fruits predominate. They stand out because of their bright and intense colours and their kindness at the moment of drinking.


Cabernet Sauvignon


Malbec Rosé


Reserve Range

The Reserve wines are elegant and they reflect the Uco Valley identity: its cold weather, altitude and heterogeneous soils.

Malbec Reserva

Cabernet Franc Reserva

Chardonnay Reserva

About our

Vineyards and Winery

The grapes used for the elaboration of our wines, come from the best producers of the Uco Valley, an area today considered as the origin of some of the most creative wines in Argentina. The true key to the success of the Uco Valley is that it is a vast and heterogeneous territory of the mountain that ensures freshness, quality and diversity.

Our winery works with vanguard technology, stainless steel tanks and concrete pools.

Brandsen 1863 | Perdriel | CP5509 | Luján de Cuyo | Mendoza Argentina
Telephone: +54 261 5244416/17